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The future of shopping! 
Retailing is undergoing an unprecedented wave of innovation. Brick & Mortar retailers are on the run, looking over their shoulders at the on-line e-retailer. Department stores, discounters, and sporting goods stores are closing there stores by the hundreds. Every major Brick & Mortar retailer now is forced to have an on-line eCommerce platform to stay in business as on-line purchasing continues to explode. Here are a few more thoughts for you…

  • On-line purchases are booming with last year’s Black Friday to Cyber Monday representing over 50% of all retail sales.
  • It is estimated that in 2019, 20% of all retail purchases will be “on-line”…and growing.
  • Amazon revenues now approaching $1 trillion while
  • A consumer’s purchasing decision are driven by 3 factors: price, convenience, and quick delivery.

The world of retailing is changing…are you changing with it?